Using Social Media to Disrupt Industries

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There is no doubt in the modern day marketers mind, that social media is a tool to disrupt industries. The little guy in business with a great idea can promote and even change the way consumers view an industry. This was the case with Warby Parker.

A group of students at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, were disappointed with the alternatives accessible for people needing solution eyeglasses. Expenses of lenses and casings were high. Eye specialists required advance arrangements and travel to showrooms was very inconvenient. The traditional method for selling eyeglasses needed a change. While it very well may be hard to change the conduct of clients who are accustomed to acquiring a specific way, the schoolmates chose to attempt to disrupt the eye wear market with a creative technique. Andrew Hunt, Neil Blumenthal, Jeffrey Raider, and David Gilboa founded Warby Parker in 2010 to sell eyeglasses online.

Social Media Technology has aided Warby Parker’s alternative business model for selling prescription eyeglasses online. The company utilized the innovation of social media to connect with their clients and make their business model feel like an increasingly customized involvement. Warby Parker participates in value-based dialogue by reliably speaking with, and reacting to, client remarks on their social media accounts. They consistently brief clients to take an interest with client produced content by soliciting them to post pictures from themselves trying the glasses on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

Along with the Home Try-On Campaign, social media is utilized to offer expert advice, guidance, direction, and instruction on eyeglasses. Instead of simply making media messages dependent on the objectives and targets of selling eyeglasses, the organization has created content towards the test’s buyers concerns with buying eyeglasses online. This is amazing customer service by Warby parker, since social media has become an outlet for consumer questions and complaints.

Warby Parker makes useful YouTube videos and requests that fans do likewise. Customers can participate in the online community discussion by recording themselves trying on different pairs of glasses.

Along with these marketing strategies, the online retailer also uses hashtags to connect with other people posting on similar subjects.  Another way of the company using social media to generate brand awareness was when they collaborated with the organization Vision Spring. Together they have created the Buy a Pair, Give a Pair program. This is to ensure that for every pair of Warby Parker glasses purchased, a pair of glasses is given to a person in need. The online retailer participates in social entrepreneurship which also generates positive word of mouth as well as decreases client discord with the glasses. The customer now feels as if they are a part of a larger cause, than just simply buying a pair of eyeglasses online.

Warby Parker was aware of consumers demand for more transparency from the companies they choose to do business with.   They were able to capitalize on the increase of social media usage by the general public and are a great example of “disruptive innovation.”

One thought on “Using Social Media to Disrupt Industries

  1. Jay
    I really enjoyed your blog post, you did a great job! You gave key background information which is important for other readers to have in order to grasp the sense of the post as a whole. Putting information about Warby Parker’s Home Try-On Campaign is important to show how the Warby Parker team recognized customer hesitation and then made a solution to put any hesitation to rest. I really love the addition of the videos and photos that support your information, especially because they are from Warby Parker’s social media. I feel like its majorly important to state that Warby Parker made an effort to make their customers feel like a community and a part of a cause that benefits others and not just themselves—which you did!

    Once again great post!


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